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Episode 15 of Season 2

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[00:59] Introduction of guest – Brent Simpson
[02:00]  Who is Bold Vision Enterprise
[02:31]  Brent’s insight on multitasking versus focusing on ONE thing
[03:19]  Why many entrepreneurs feel multitasking is a badge of honor
[04:15]  What is a C.E.E?
[04:21] The biggest pitfalls Brent’s clients encounter
[05:26] Suggestions for solopreneurs to get out of the mindset of holding onto everything
[07:09]  His top three strategies to help entrepreneurs focus on one thing at a time
[08:54]  Productivity hacks to stay more focused
[09:33]  Brent’s “BIG DOMINO”
[10:50]  Brent’s suggestion to people who want to figure out what their “BIG DOMINO”


"Multitasking makes people feel busy... but, being busy doesn't actually equate to being profitable."


  • Ryan S. Johnson website - Virtual assistants and sales funnel for your real estate business
  • Bold Vision Enterprise - A company that focuses on providing strategies to solve the problems of corporations and small businesses
  • Asana - Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their work—and get results


 Brent Simpson - Focusing On Your One Thing Is The Key To Success

Brent Simpson, Owner and CEO of Bold Vision Enterprise

In today’s post I interviewed Brent Simpson. Brent is the owner of Bold Vision Enterprise, a company that focuses on providing strategies to solve the problems of corporations and small businesses.

In the Level Up Your Business Podcast, I’m currently in a series that focuses on Productivity Hacks for Busy Real Estate Entrepreneurs. So, in this interview I really wanted to key in on the the importance of “The One Thing. 

I’ve found that we often struggle with productivity because instead of focusing on ONE THING, we try to focus on EVERYTHING - which actually makes us less productive   

This interview will provide some strategies and actionable tips to get awesome results by narrowing your focus. 

Today on the Level Up Your Business Podcast I interview Brent Simpson of Bold Vision Enterprise. He’ll be sharing strategies and actionable tips you can use to narrow your focus and get results by focusing on ONE THING.

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My Interview With brent simpson

"Tell me more about your business and what you do."

brent says...

My company, Bold Vision Enterprise is an international business development company that provides corporate level solutions for small businesses. We do this for companies across the country and the world. We have clients in the US, Europe, Canada, and Africa.

What’s your take on multitasking vs. focusing on one thing at a time? "

 brent says...

My feelings fall in line with a Stanford study I read on multitasking. That study states that multitaskers are actually less efficient. In fact it says multitaskers suffer from diminished memory, and have the inability to concentrate on one single thing after they’ve been multitasking for so many years.   

Why do you think so many entrepreneurs feel that multitasking is a badge of honor, as opposed to appreciating the value of truly giving the task at hand their full attention? "

brent says...

Multitasking makes people feel busy. Often your friends and peers will ask you, “how’s work going?” Then your response will be something like, “it’s super busy… a lot of work!”  The idea of saying you’re very busy and you’ve got a lot of work makes you feel productive.  

But, being busy doesn't actually equate to being profitable. So to answer your question, the reason why people wear multitasking as a badge of honor is because they’re confusing being busy with being profitable.   

What are some of the pitfalls you’ve seen your clients run into when they’re
spinning too many plates? 

brent says...

One of the things that happens is they become the C.E.E. - The Chief Executive of Everything. That’s something you don't want to be. So, I think the biggest pitfall is trying to wear all the hats in your business.  

And sometimes I don't think people realize they’re doing is strictly out of fear. They’re fearful if they give tasks to someone else, that person won’t do it as well as them. I think sometimes there’s also an underlying fear that someone will actually do the task better than them.  

"Solopreneurs often run into the challenge of trying to be “super-preneurs” and taking everything on themselves instead of hiring help and focusing on activities that are the highest and best use of their time, and tasks that drive their businesses. "

"So, how do you suggest solopreneurs get out of the mindset of holding onto everything, and instead delegate tasks that aren’t the highest and best use of their time?"

brent says...

One of the things we suggest at Bold Vision Enterprise is that you have a very strong team. When you have a team, you have people that can hold you accountable. If you work on developing your team and making sure the right people are in place, then they’ll tell you when certain activities don’t make sense and are counterproductive to the growth of your company.

That’s also why sometimes you need advisors. One of the things my company provides are advisory services to look at the activities that our clients are doing, and how those activities fit into the big picture.

I hope that your real estate audience who are currently doing everything themselves (marketing homes, cleaning their own properties, listing properties, writing contracts) are really listening to your advice. Because whether it’s using virtual assistants or some of the other ways you talk about improving their businesses, it can be hugely helpful.

"Give me your top 3 strategies to help entrepreneurs focus on ONE thing
at a time vs. trying to do everything."

brent says...

  1. Write everything down. Make a list of all the activities you’re doing and then rank them - not based on importance to you - but instead based on profitability to your company.

  2. Put up a mantra in your office. That mantra may be something you recite whenever you’re drifting into the multitasking realm. That mantra could be as simple as saying “just one thing at a time.”

    When you feel yourself drifting into another task, but you know you’re not finished with your current task, tell yourself “just one thing.” Write it out, put it on the wall, put it on your desk - wherever you need to put it so you can quickly relate back to it if you get off course.

  3. Utilize technology. There’s a thin line between technology being a distraction and actually making us more efficient. I recommend having a task manager that will help you stay organized as much as possible

"Do you have any other productivity hacks or tools you can suggest for entrepreneurs to help them be more focused? "

brent says...

You have to make sure you’re creating processes in your business. One huge life hack is to combine your daily activities with your customer relationship management tool in order to create automated workflows. 

"If you could only focus on one thing to drive your business forward, what would it be?
In other words, what’s your “big domino?” 

brent says...

My big domino is paying people. Although that sounds simple, it’s not as simple as most people think.

When you start your business, from a psychological standpoint, you feel like every time you do something yourself, you’re saving money. Psychological that satisfies you in a way that makes you feel good. So when you leave that day, even if you didn’t make money but you felt like you saved money, you feel accomplished

Move away from that logic. Step as far away as you can. Because in reality you end up spending more money in the long run than if you just hired a professional in the beginning to help you the right way.

Here’s a way to know what you need to be delegating: If something comes across your desk that only requires eyes, hands, and a computer - it should go to someone else. For instance - tasks like data input and editing are tasks you shouldn’t be focusing on, because you’re not taking advantage of your true hourly rate potential.  

How do you suggest people figure out what’s their “big domino?”

brent says...

Again I’m going to recommend making a list. Lists really do help because you have to have to be able to have a brain dump.  So, write down what you’re doing and what’s most important. Then from that list you need to circle what you enjoying doing the most and match it to what’s most profitable.

Any closing advice regarding focusing on one thing?

brent says...

For all the multitaskers out there, you should really focus on becoming a mono-tasker. If you have to, take some time to sit down and create a list of the things that you have to do. Then set a timer so that you only focus on that one thing until the timer goes off. Once the timer goes off, give yourself a break.

During your break you can check emails or satisfy your need to text - because it's an addiction - and you may have to satisfy that itch a little bit. So, basically take a Kaisian approach so that you can turn small steps into big results.

Next Up In Season 2

Next up I’m going to talk about MORNING ROUTINES. This is something that has really impacted how I approach my business and my life in a major way. The fact is, how you start your morning can heavily influence how your entire day goes.

And, there are certain things you can do each morning that will lead to you achieving significantly better results in your business. You’ll find out what those things are in my next post! . 

Resources Mentioned In The Podcast

  • Ryan S. Johnson website - Virtual assistants and sales funnel for your real estate business
  • Bold Vision Enterprise - A company that focuses on providing strategies to solve the problems of corporations and small businesses
  • Asana - Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their work—and get results