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Episode 13  of Season 2

In today's show I'm going to talk about something that has the potential to make an IMMEDIATE impact on your business if you start doing it today. And to be honest, it'll also determine just how successful your business can, and will become.

I'm going to talk about THE ART OF DELEGATION, and just how much of a game changer it can be in your business.

I'll cover...

  1. Why delegating is so hard and why so many business owners tend to avoid it. 
  2. Why you absolutely need to delegate if you want to have long term success
  3. Key tactics of how to effectively delegate that you can immediately put in action

 Clickable Show Highlights:

[01:09] Topic of today’s episode
[01:36] What delegation means
[01:58] What makes delegation so hard and why so many people avoid it
[03:35] The reasons that people talk to themselves out of delegating
[05:22] The top six reasons why you should delegate
[05:26] Reason #1: It allows you to focus on the bigger picture
[05:45] Reason #2: It’s critical for scaling your business
[06:00] Reason #3: It empowers your team
[06:14] Reason #4: It helps you avoid burnout
[06:51] Reason #5: Prevents you from being a bottleneck
[07:20] Reason #6: It’s an investment in your long term success
[08:43] The key action steps that you can take in order to be an effective delegator
[08:50] Figure out what you need to delegate
[09:57] Delegate down
[10:04] Delegate up
[11:00] Provide clear instructions
[11:22] Have patience in the process
[12:27] Control the urge to do it all by yourself and learn to let go
[13:50] Don’t let perfection be the enemy of progress
[14 :51] Empowering your team
[15:52] Provide feedback
[16:41] The difference between people that delegate and those that don’


"The ability to delegate is one of the biggest differences between real estate entrepreneurs who have successful businesses that produce CONSISTENT income which don’t require their CONSISTENT daily involvement…

…versus people who struggle, living from deal to deal, and who feel like they’re business owns them instead of the other way around."


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Level Up Your Business Show Notes


 Mastering The Art Of Delegation To 10X Your Productivity 

In today’s post I’m going to talk about something that has the potential to make an IMMEDIATE impact in your business if you start doing it today. And to be honest, it'll also determine just how successful your business can, and will become 

I'm going to talk about the art of delegation and just how much of a game changer it can be in your business.  

I'll cover...

  • Why delegating is so hard and why so many business owners tend to avoid it 
  • Why you absolutely need to delegate if you want to have long term success 
  • Keys to effective delegation that you can immediately put into action 

Today on the Level Up Your Business Podcast you’ll discover how to master the art of delegation to 10x your productivity, and why learning how to effectively delegate will be responsible for the biggest shift in your business this year.

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What Makes Delegating difficult and why do we avoid it?

Delegation is the act of empowering others to accomplish a task.

On face value, it seems like that would be easy to do. But, but it's actually one of the most challenging things that entrepreneurs deals with.

First off, as a business owner or a leader, you have to remember that your job is make sure all the work that needs to get done, actually gets done - but, without you personally doing it all yourself.  

As entrepreneurs we're programmed with a “get-it-done” mentality. It's what makes us tick and the reason for many of the successes that we have. That also means we often take on more than we should because we know that the buck stops with us. 

We're problem solvers, and we have good intentions. But, we forget that we only have a limited supply of personal resources, in terms of time and mental energy. 

When you're being a super-preneur and not delegating, your most important decisions and actions get delayed because you’re too busy putting out fires and working on tasks that aren't the best use of your time. 

Another challenge that we face as entrepreneurs is making the transition from being a "doer" to being a "leader." 

It's actually a mental shift that has to occur in order to change your focus from - being consumed with the business of day to day tasks - and instead putting your attention on the most important areas of your business. 

The challenge is that unless you're aware of this shift that needs to occur, you'll never put forth the energy to make it happen. Even when you do make that shift, it's typical for excuses to come in your head that discourage you from delegating. 

Look at these reasons that many people talk themselves out of delegating and see if any of them apply to you: 

  • I don't have the time to train someone 
  • I'm scared I'll lose control 
  • I don't want someone else to get the credit 
  • No one can do it as good as me
  • I don't trust other people to to take care of things as well as I c
  • I was burned last time I tried to assign something, so I'm not doing that again
  • It's just easier to do it myself
  • What I can do in 5 minutes would take me 10 minutes just to explain to someone
  • I’m worried about the cost of bringing someone aboard to delegate tasks to

By the way, for those last two reasons there’s something important that you have to realize. You need to understand the long term benefits of delegation. That 10 minutes you use to explain how to handle a task pays dividends because you'll now save time in every instance that task needs to be done again, since now you've invested the time to train someone to do it.

As far as costs, I use mostly virtual assistants in my business which is an extremely affordable option. Just remember how much of your valuable, revenue-generating time you’ll be freeing up when you delegate.

The fact of the matter is your business can’t grow when you’re only focused on busy work. 

What Are The Benefits Of Delegating?

Why do you even need to delegate?

Do the tangible benefits of delegation outweigh the satisfaction of doing the job yourself, and knowing that it's done the way you want it? 

Here are my top 6 reasons why it’s important to delegate: 

1. Allows you to focus on the bigger picture - Delegation gives you more mental space and time to devote to doing what you do best, which should be visionary thought and guiding the direction of your business. It's impossible to do this if your time is consumed with tedious tasks that keep you busy.

2. Critical for scaling your business - Trying to take care of everything can be harmful to your well-being and your business. With only one person in charge, there’s only so far you can scale. 

3. Empowers your team - By trusting your team and accepting that you can’t do it all yourself, you’ll accomplish much more as a team (even if there’s only two of you), than you could have ever accomplished alone. 

4. Helps you avoid burnout - If you ever feel stressed and overwhelmed or feel like your business has become stagnant, then the lack of delegation could be the cause. Entrepreneur burnout is common. It’s the point where you're so exhausted that you're incapable of doing anything productive because you're making too many decisions all the time. It’s not always easy for highly driven entrepreneurs to give up the reins, but it’s critical to avoid burnout. 

5. Prevents you from being a bottleneck - This piggybacks off what I just said. When you have to make all the decisions in your business and everything has to go through you, then it's not a matter of if, but when, you become the bottleneck to your success. If you become the "decision bottleneck" in your business, it will lead to inaction on many areas of your business, and there will be critical parts of your business that will be neglected and not receive your attention. 

6. It's an investment in your long term success - I'll use my situation as example. From 2003-2007 I had a local staff of 10 people. After the market crashed in late 2007, people stopped buying houses so I couldn't afford my staff and I was forced to become a solopreneur. 

So, for 2 years I was doing everything in my real estate business myself. Then in 2009 I had to make the decision: Do I want to continue to do everything myself, which was time consuming and making me enjoy my business less - or was it worth it to take the time to train, manage and start delegating some of my work to someone else. 

Again, the art of delegation is a long term investment. I knew the time I invested to train my virtual assistant on the front end would pay unlimited dividends in terms of freedom of time, my ability to focus on bigger picture items, and an overall love for my business. 

Bottom line, the more time you invest instructing and giving feedback to the people you hire, the greater results you’ll have in the end. 

Key Action Steps You Can To Take To Be An Effective Delegator

I've covered why delegation is challenging for so many entrepreneurs, and why it's critically important to delegate. Now let's talk about what key action steps you can take to actually be an effective delegator. 

Figure Out What Is It That You Need To DelegateIn order to do this I suggest taking some time to write down everything you can possibly think of that you do in the course of a week - regardless of how big or small the task.

Then assess which of those tasks aren't using your time and skills to their fullest. Those are the tasks that you'll reserve as activities to delegate.

If the thought of delegation makes you break out in hives, then you should start small. Choose a single, low priority task to delegate. Then, as you see the job can be completed successfully without you, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to delegate and you can constantly add additional tasks.

Even if you can’t delegate an entire process, delegate as much of the process as possible.

Delegate Down Or Delegate Up

There's two ways you can delegate. You can delegate down, which means you're assigning more of the routine tasks and busy work that's taking up most of your time.

Or, you can delegate up. This is when you delegate tasks that require a special skill set that's not necessarily one of your core competence

For instance, every business needs a website. But regardless of how many commercials you see for WIX and Godaddy that show you how easy it to make your own business site, if your core business is selling houses then you need to delegate setting up a website to someone who's skilled in that area.

In the end, they'll probably do a much better job since that's their expertise. Also, that time you would have been spending fooling around with setting up a site can be devoted to selling real estate - which will actually affect your bottom line.

Provide Clear Instructions

Once you know what to delegate, it's important to provide clear-cut instructions. The key to successful delegation is being absolutely clear about what you’re expecting for the outcome.

Some people will need a bit more direction than others depending on their level of expertise. So, take into consideration the skill level of the person you're assigning a task to.

Have Patience In The Process 

Teaching and learning is not always a linear process - and it's not something that happens instantly. Sometimes people don't grasp things right off the bat, despite their best efforts. The key is to be patient during that time and don't use it as an excuse to give up on delegating and take back responsibility of the tasks. 

Instead, if things aren't done exactly as you'd like - use it as a learning tool to recognize where the process went wrong and how it can be made better. That way both of you can learn from the mistake. 

When you first start to delegate, tasks will likely take longer for that person. Keep in mind although you may be an expert now, you had to start somewhere. Just be patient that they’ll get there, and soon they'll also become more competent and efficient. 

My virtual assistants are now much more proficient than I ever was with admin paperwork in my real estate business. But that happened over time with patience and encouragement. 

Control The Urge To Do It All Yourself - Learn to Let Go 

Another key to delegating is controlling the urge to do it all yourself and learning to let go.

I bet you're thinking, "easier said than done," right? 

Here's what you have to do. Channel the time and intensity you would have devoted to those tasks that YOU personally shouldn't be doing, and redirect that time into educating the person who will be taking over those tasks. 

So take a deep breath, count to ten and just let go. Realize that when you delegate something, it’s now out of your hands. 

We have to give people enough room to use their abilities for the best possible outcome, while still staying close enough to ensure that the job is done correctly (without micromanaging). Instead, wait until the task or activity is complete before judging how the delegation is going. 

If you're a control freak or want-all-the-credit-hog, then that means you’re managing from your ego - which is the worst way to lead. Once you’re able to turn the corner mentally and start receiving pleasure in seeing people on your team complete tasks that were once your responsibility - you're not only empowering them, you're also freeing yourself. 

Don’t Let Perfection Be The Enemy Of Progress 

In order to prevent perfection from being the enemy of progress, the first step is acceptance. Accept that, “yes, other people might not do the task as well as I would.” There's likely going to be a difference. But, is ​​​​your goal perfection, or is your goal to maximize your time. 

Even if a task is done 80% as good as you'd do it, and it's still satisfactorily - you now have 100% of that time available that you wouldn't have had if you'd kept that task on your plate. 

Instead of requiring people to do the work exactly how you do it, learn to respect and appreciate the different styles that people on your team use to get to the end result.  Obviously you want to make sure you've covered your basis of the important aspects of the task - but allow room for independent thought. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised 

Empower Your Team
In order for your team members to grow as individuals, they must have opportunities to prove themselves.

If you're worried that empowering your team and expanding their skills may ultimately result in them leaving, I want you to consider this: 

You'll get a lot further if you operate from an abundance mentality as opposed to a scarcity mindset. 

Why would you want people working for you that are complacent and aren't interested in stretching themselves?  When you delegate tasks that push your team members outside of their comfort zone and challenge them to reach new levels, it can only help them and your business. 

Measure your success by the results of your ability to delegate responsibilities. Ultimately, your team's success equals your success as a leader. 

Provide Feedback 

When a task is complete provide honest feedback. Keep in mind if the task wasn't done to your satisfaction - but yet you avoid providing feedback - then you're ultimately working backwards. 

Here's why: Not only are you impeding your team member's ability to learn and figure out how to do things better next time, but you're also creating additional work for yourself since you're likely going to be the one to redo the task. 

On the flip side, if the work is done well make sure you let your team member know. It's so amazing how praise and gratitude can build people’s self confidence, and ​​​​encourage people to take on even more responsibility.


Stop Doing It All Yourself

The ability to delegate is one of the biggest differences between real estate entrepreneurs who have successful businesses that produce CONSISTENT income which don’t require their CONSISTENT daily involvement…  

…versus people who struggle, living from deal to deal, and who feel like they’re business owns them instead of the other way around. 


I promise you if you practice becoming an effective delegator, you’ll see incredible results in your business. 

Next Up In Season 2

In the next podcast and blog post, I'm going to discuss a free tool you can use to get very predictable results in your real estate business.

But why is that important? The reason is because predictability allows your business to...

- Continuously improve while reducing cost
- It allows you to become more efficient
- And it makes your business more effective and productive

​So, if those things are important to you, make sure you check out the next post!