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Show Notes for Episode 19: "Productivity Hacks for Busy Real Estate Entrepreneurs - Season 2 Recap"

Episode 18 of Season 2

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[01:09] Topic of today’s episode
[01:23] Recap: 20 life changing productivity tools to add more hours to your day 
[03:14]  Recap: The secret to working on instead of in your business
[03:54] Recap: Larry Goins – Productivity secrets revealed from a 30 year real estate investing expert
[05:12] Recap: Mastering the art of delegation to 10x your productivit
[06:00] Recap: Using standard operating procedures to make your business productive with predictable results
[06:55] Recap: Brent Simpson – Focusing on your one thing is the key to success
[07:43] Recap: The ultimate productive morning routines of highly successful entrepreneurs
[08:44] Recap: Danny Johnson – Sell more houses by making marketing your big domino
[09:53]  Recap: Whitespace: Your to innovation, clarity, and hitting your goals


  • Sometimes it only takes one valuable tip or tool to really give you and your business the productivity boost you need to get more done, gain more time, and be more efficient.




For the past few weeks we’ve been in Season 2 of the Level Up Your Business podcast (as well as the blog), where my focus has been on Productivity Hacks for Busy Real Estate Entrepreneurs. 

The content has focused on showing you how to get more done, gain more time, and be more efficient.  

This blog post marks the end of Season 2, and next week I'll be starting a brand new topic for Season 3! 

So, I think the perfect way to end this season is to recap and highlight some of the most valuable lessons, strategies and tips from Season 2 that you can put into action to level up your business. 

Today on the Level Up Your Business Podcast I recap and highlight some of the most valuable lessons, strategies and tips from Season 2 of the podcast which focused on Productivity Hacks for Busy Real Estate Entrepreneurs.

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EPISODE 8 & 9:
20 Life Changing Productivity Tools 
To Add More Hours To Your Day

Season 2 kicked off with the episode entitled, "20 Life Changing Productivity Tools To Add More Hours To Your Day."

I shared with you 20 of my favorite tools that’ll help you reach new levels of productivity in your business and personal life.

Those tools were broken into four categories: Communication tools, marketing tools, admin tools, and creativity tools.

One of my favorite communication tools I spoke about was Viber, which allows you to communicate via voice, message, video and “walkie talkie.” You can also use it to exchange images, recorded video and send audio messages.

I also spoke about one of my favorite marketing tools - Clickfunnels. This software is a website builder that allows you to create almost anything you need to market your business online, including: lead generation pages, sales funnels, membership sites, landing pages, and e-commerce systems - all with the ease of a drag and drop interface.

One of my go-to admin tools that I shared was Asana . This is the task management tool I use most often in my business, and in my opinion is one of the easiest ways for you and your team to track your work - and get results.

And finally, I spoke about creativity tools that I use for productivity. Workflowy is the tool that I mentioned which I use every week for brainstorming. It helps you break big ideas into manageable pieces, so you can focus on one piece at a time.

Those are just 4 of the 20 tools that I went over. I shared so much value that it took two episodes to cover!

If you want to hear about all the tools, check out and I guarantee that you'll find at least a few tools that'll help you and your business become more productive.

The Secret To Working
ON Instead Of IN Your Business

The next podcast post was "The Secret To Working On Instead Of In Your Business."

I shared with you what I consider to be the ultimate guide to alleviate some of that business fatigue you may be experiencing, so you can start working ON instead of IN your business - and get back that loving feeling that you may have lost as a result of being consumed with the day-to-day minutia of being a business owner.

Some of the tactics I covered included:

  • The benefits of meditating
  • Planning for tomorrow the day before
  • Focusing on your one thing
  • Using task management tools
  • The importance of delegation

To get all of the actionable strategies from that episode, check out

EPISODE 11 & 12:
Larry Goins - Productivity Secrets Revealed From

A 30 Year Real Estate Investing Expert

Next up I had a two part interview with Larry Goins. Larry has been investing in real estate for over 30 years. He's a best selling author, a speaker, a radio host and he travels across the country educating real estate investors.

He dropped a ton of productivity secrets on us based on his decades of experience. One of his key takeaways was about the role of visionaries and integrators in your business.

He said every successful business has a visionary and an integrator. The examples he gave were Disney and Apple. Walt Disney was a visionary and his brother was the integrator. Also, Steve jobs was the visionary for Apple, while Wozniak was the integrator.

You have to have a vision along with goals to aim for. But, you also have to have someone that can break goals down into an actionable step-by-step plan and help see things through.

Larry also made some great book recommendations. One of the books he advised was Traction, by Gino Wickman, which I started reading shortly after that interview. If you're looking to make your business more focused and growth oriented - you need to grab that book!

Go to and to catch the full interview with Larry Goins.

Mastering The Art Of Delegation To 10X Your Productivity

Learning how to delegate has been one of the things responsible for the greatest growth in my business. That’s why I did an entire podcast post on mastering the art of delegation to 10x your productivity.

Some of the subjects I covered were:

  • Why delegating is so hard and why so many business owners tend to avoid it
  • Why you absolutely need to delegate if you want to have long term success
  • The keys to effective delegation that you can immediately put into action

Here’s the bottom line: The ability to delegate is one of the biggest differences between real estate entrepreneurs who have successful businesses that produce CONSISTENT income which don’t require their CONSISTENT daily involvement…

​…versus people who struggle, living from deal to deal, and who feel like they’re business owns them instead of the other way around.

You can check out the strategies I laid out for you to become an effective delegator and run a more productive business at

Using Standard Operating Procedures To Make Your
Business Productive With Predictable Results

If you’re looking to run a more productive business with predictable results, then you need to check out my podcast post on using standard operating procedures (SOPs).

SOPs are the documented processes that a company has in place to ensure services and products are delivered consistently every time.

They're the secret sauce that’ll reduce your time spent training the people that work for you; help you maintain a consistent quality of work; allow you to be more efficient when you’re working; and allow you to scale your business.

Not only did I cover the advantages of SOPs and how to use them in your real estate business, but I also covered when and how you should create them - and the tools you can use to easily build them in your business

Check out for all the golden nuggets from that episode. On that page you can even grab a free cheat sheet I made for you entitled, “How To Create SOPs,” that digs into the steps I mentioned in this podcast in much more detail so you can create your own SOPs.

Brent Simpson - Focusing On Your One Thing Is The Key To Success

I interviewed Brent Simpson, the owner of Bold Vision Enterprise for the next podcast post. Brent’s company focuses on providing strategies to solve the problems of corporations and small businesses.

One of the biggest gems Brent shared in that show was that “being busy doesn't actually equate to being profitable.

He also talked about the value of making a list of all the activities you’re doing on a daily or weekly basis and then ranking them - not based on importance to you - but instead based on profitability to your company.

Ranking your activities this way will help you when you're trying to focus on your "one thing," or your big domino, that will make everything else in your business easier or unnecessary.

Check out Brent's interview at

The Ultimate Productive Morning Routines

Of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

A structured morning routine has been responsible for one of the greatest shifts in my life and my productivity. That’s why I did a podcast post about the ultimate productive morning routines of highly successful entrepreneurs.

Some of the key points I shared were:

  •  What life was like for me before a morning routine
  • The benefits of planning the night before and waking up earlier
  • Why waking up with an attitude of gratitude is a game changer
  • How the the combination of water, a morning workout, and a high protein breakfast can provide the fuel you need for your da
  • Why morning meditation and affirmation are the perfect way to get your mind right so you can face whatever your day brings

If you start doing a morning routine I think you'll find that it will be some of the most important time you'll spend in your entire day - hands down!

Check out this episode at

Danny Johnson- Sell More Houses By

Making Marketing Your “Big Domino”

Next on deck was my interview with Danny Johnson of Flipping Junkie.

In a previous show/post I discussed how important it is to focus on your one thing - your big domino in your business - which if you topple it, everything else becomes easier.

So, in this show Danny Johnson shared his insights and tips on how your real estate business can be more successful, and you can sell more homes, by making marketing your big domino.

One of the greatest insights Danny mentioned is: as real estate entrepreneurs, we're now at the point that you MUST do digital marketing in some capacity just to be found by your customers.

If you don't have some type of digital marketing strategy in place with your website, or you’re not working on building your online presence, then you're basically handing your prospective clients over to your competition who ARE online.

He also shared how digital marketing tactics like Adwords and Facebook Ads can provide some of the lowest costs per lead and costs per deal in your marketing. Not to mention it's much easier to measure your ROI with these marketing tactics versus direct mail.

To discover the rest of Danny's marketing gems, go to

Whitespace - Your Key To Innovation, Clarity, & Hitting Your Goals

I wrapped up Season 2 with a show called “Whitespace: Your Key To Innovation, Clarity, & Hitting Your Goals.”

Whitespace is the gaps that you purposely create in your calendar between meetings, or other activities. It's the time that you consciously allot in your schedule to think, distraction-free.

I went into detail about why whitespace is important, how I handle whitespace, and how you can create whitespace in your business.

Those few hours that you set aside for whitespace in your business will make a world of difference - because without whitespace, your personal growth is limited.

So, if you're looking to level-up your business - or, even if you're just trying to get out of a rut - adding whitespace to your schedule is key.

You’ll learn all my strategies to create whitespace in your business by going to

It’s Time To Take Action!

As you can see from my recap of Season 2, I covered a ton of valuable content. The truth is, sometimes it only takes one valuable strategy, tip, or tool to really give you and your business the productivity boost you need to get more done, gain more time, and be more efficient.

But, the only way to know if any of the tactics that I shared will work for you is to put them into action. Choose at least one or two of the many tools and strategies I shared over the course of Season 2 and apply it to your business. Then once you see it’s working for you, try another. 

The goal is to always be moving forward and implementing things that help you and your business get the productive edge you’re looking for.  

Next Up In Season 3

Next week we start a whole new season of the Level Up Your Business Podcast and blog posts!

I won’t give away the topic just yet, but I promise it will not disappoint - especially if you're looking to grow a profitable real estate business with CONSISTENT leads and HAPPY customers.