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Episode 16 of Season 2

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[00:58] The topic of today’s episode
[01:30] Ryan’s story before he had a morning routine
[03:13] Ryan’s days after he developed his morning routine
[03:41] Planning the night before
[04:38] Waking up earlier
[05:07] Expressing gratitude
[05:40] Drinking water
[06:18] Working out
[06:44] Breakfast
[07:07] Meditation and devotion
[08:06] Affirmations
[08:24] Start of business
[09:05] How kids fit into the morning routine


  •  "Starting your day with an attitude of gratitude sets you up for success."
  • "The more you consistently mediate, the quieter your thoughts will get. And honestly that is priceless - because it's the space between our thoughts where we're most creative and connected to our source."




How you start your morning will heavily influence how your entire day goes.

A good morning routine can literally be the difference between you having a focused day, where you can face challenges unscathed and end the day feeling accomplished..


...feeling like you’re day is a rickety roller coaster, where you have very little control of it. And at the end of the day feeling like you didn’t get anything significant done.

I'm going to talk about my morning routine and share with you certain things you can do every morning that will lead to you achieving significantly better results in your business, and your life.

After reading this, if you don't already have a morning routine I think you'll reconsider. 

Today on the Level Up Your Business Podcast I'm going to talk about my morning routine and share with you certain things you can do every morning that will lead to significantly better results in your business, and your life.

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Life Before a Morning Routine

I didn't always have a morning routine. I can remember just how hectic things were before I had one. A few years back, my real estate company not only did rehab projects and sold properties to investors, but we also did property management - so, we were a full service operation.  

For the people that operate property management companies that are reading this - God bless you! Property management IS NOT for the faint of heart, since you're dealing with both tenant and owner issues.

And people usually are only contacting you when something is wrong, not to give you a pat on the back. I’ll digress from my property management rant. 🙂

So again, back when my company was doing property management I didn't have a morning routine. Instead, here's how my morning typically went:

I'd wake up sometime between 7 and 8am and the first thing I'd do is look at my phone.

When I grabbed my phone I'd start checking emails and texts.

Then I was immediately in “fire fighter mode,” sending emails or making calls to address whatever issues were at the top of my inbox.

All this happened before I even got out of bed!

Then I'd try to fit in a workout if I could. But, that really depended on what my inbox looked like. If my inbox was spilling over, and I had to put out fires - then no workout that day.

I'm a Christian, and I believe in taking time out for devotion and spending time with God in the morning. But even with that, I was finding that it was hard to stay focused. Instead of keeping my mind centered on my devotion, my thoughts were still on what I had to take care of in my inbox.

Basically, my mornings were haphazard. And if I had a crazy morning, I found that it often played a role in how my day went.

Life After  a Morning Routine

A couple years ago I decided to switch things up. I wanted my days to start out great, and I wanted to have more control of my day. So, I developed a morning routine.  

I'm going to share my routine with you below. Just note - I didn't start out doing everything I'm about to tell you. Instead, over time I adapted different elements to my routine to further improve it.    

Also, you should know that there's not one morning routine that works well for everyone. But, there are some key elements that make a morning routine more effective. The evidence of this is the number of productivity experts that do some of the same things that I'm going to share with you.   

Plan The Night Before 

First off, your A.M. morning routine should start in the P.M. In other words, the night before you should plan out your next day. More specifically, determine the 3 things that you want to accomplish the following day.

It's also important to make sure those tasks will in some way drive your business forward. So, grooming your dog wouldn't be something you'd include on this list. But, reaching out to another real estate investor for a possible JV deal would be.

Planning the evening before is important because we have a limited amount of willpower and decision-making ability every day. If you have too many decisions to make in the morning it will slow you down and drain your brain for the rest of the day.

As much as possible, try to eliminate decision-making from your mornings by doing some planning the night before so you'll have more time and energy for a highly productive day. 

Wake Up Earlier 

The next thing I recommend is to wake up earlier. I'm typically up around 6 a.m. That doesn't necessarily work for everybody, especially if you stay up late. Therefore, if you're not an early riser, I recommend to start out by just waking up 30-45 minutes earlier than you do now.  

That's enough time to get in a decent morning routine that will start your day out right. You'll thank yourself at the end of the day, if you sacrifice a few more z's in order to have a more productive day. 

Have An Attitude of Gratitude

The first thing I do when I open my eyes in the morning is express gratitude. I literally sit in bed and audibly go down a list of everyone and everything I'm thankful for, as well as my gratitude for the day ahead.

I think that starting your day with an attitude of gratitude sets you up for success because you're going to vibrate on a much higher energy than if you start your day out in panic mode. Also, the energy you put out is the energy you're going to get back from clients, vendors, family, and anyone else you interact with.

Start Your Day With Water

After I've gone through my gratitude list, I drink 24 oz of water.

I have a water bottle that I keep by my bed which I fill up the night before.

So, before I take my first step out of bed I chug down the entire bottle of water. 

I’ve found that this does a couple of things:

  • First, it does an amazing job of helping me wake up and shake off the cobwebs from the night before, while also jump starting my metabolism.   

  • Secondly, our bodies tend to get dehydrated when we sleep, and hydration is incredibly important - especially after you wake up. That means instead of a cup of Starbucks being the first thing that touches your lips in the morning - try drinking a large quantity of water and see how much it helps your energy level, while preparing you for your day ahead.

Morning Workout

Next, I get in a workout. My workouts always involve cardio and weights, because that's what makes me feel good. I typically work out for 45 mins to an hour. But honestly, as long as you're doing something to get your endorphins going - that's what's important.  

Working out in the morning will increase your clarity as you begin your day, and make you feel good. Plus, it's like getting your first win of the day. It’s always good to start the day with a W! 

High Protein Breakfast 

After I workout I eat a high protein breakfast. My breakfast consists of 2 egg whites, a protein shake and an avocado. Sometimes I'll replace the eggs with oatmeal and diced almonds. 

I find that a high protein breakfast that is light, and not too heavy, gives me fuel and helps me concentrate - without giving me the “itis” and making me tired (like you experience from a large starchy breakfast). 

Get Your Mind Right with Meditation/Devotion

After breakfast I meditate and do a devotion. This is where I spend quality time with God. During my devotion I'm usually reading my bible, or a spiritual book to help me get centered for the day - while reminding me of my connection with God.  

Then I meditate. Sometimes it's as short as 5 minutes, and other times as long as 20 minutes. The key is to be present. And don't judge yourself if it's hard to stop your mind from racing.

What you'll find is the more you consistently mediate, the quieter your thoughts will get. And honestly that is priceless - because it's the space between our thoughts where we're most creative and connected to our source.

**By the way, you'll notice that I still haven't checked my email yet. If I would have, it would make mediation significantly more challenging because my thoughts would wander on what what I need to do in the future, instead of being present in the moment.


The last thing I do before I jump into my business day is look at my affirmations and recite them. I have a vision board in my office that has both my affirmations and pictures of my goals - so I spend a couple of minutes going through that.

Positive thinking and affirmations can cultivate immense power in your mind, so don't take it for granted.


Finally, my business day begins. My virtual assistant, Kay, greets me in the morning and gives me a run down of the appointments I have for that day.

Then I look in Asana to see what my top 3 priorities are for the day, which I had set the night before. I work on the most important thing I have to do - without distraction.

If you're not careful and don't prioritize your most important thing, your day can have a way of running away from you. So, prioritizing will make sure your most important tasks get done and make you feel accomplished with what you completed that day.


If you’re reading this and have kids you may be wondering, “how do kids fit into this morning routine?” I have two young sons, so don’t worry - I didn’t forget.

I take care of getting my kids ready and off to school after I finish my gratitude and water routine. Then I go workout. I make sure to have a few moments of quiet time and reflection before waking them up.

Whether you have kids or a significant other, I think it’s imperative to have some quiet time alone, even if brief, before you start you day. That peacefulness can carry over to the first people you interact with in the morning.

Morning Routines Can Make All The Difference

So, that's my morning routine. All together, it takes me about 2 hours.

If you start doing a morning routine, I think you'll find that it will be some of the most important time you'll spend in your entire day. The fact is, your initial actions lay the foundation for mediocre, or EXTRAORDINARY results.

And remember, it's not as important what's in your morning routine - it's more important that you actually have one, and that you're consistent.

Having a morning routine will anchor you and ensure you stay focused on what's most important - while helping you achieve your highest level of productivity!

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