The 5 Tools You Can Use To 
Give Your Business an Edge and Run a Highly Profitable Real Estate Business With Extremely Low Overhead

Use online tools that will help you either become more productive, proficient, or profitable.

I have a confession…

I’m a junkie.

Now before you call in an intervention, let me clarify.

I’m a “tech-tool junkie.” Which means I love to get my hands on any type of tools that I feel will help me accomplish the 3 Ps:

  • Be more PRODUCTIVE
  • Become more PROFICIENT (skilled in my craft)
  • Make more PROFITS

If a tool isn’t doing one or more of those … then what’s the point?

Any Tool You Use Should Have A Purpose

The key to being an efficient tech tool junkie is that you should never implement a tool just for the sake of using it. You have to have some discipline, otherwise your tools become a distraction and a drag on your business more than they help.

Also, If your real estate income has plateaued, is inconsistent, or non-existent, you may need to implement some innovative tools to give your business a fresh coat of paint.

I’ve found that when a tool integrates well into your overall business strategy, it not only saves you time and headaches, but also helps take your business to the next level.

I’ve listed some of the tools that I use on a weekly, if not daily basis. Much of my staff is virtual assistants (VAs), so I refer to how I use the tools with them. But even if you have a local staff or no staff at all, you’ll still be able to benefit greatly from many of these tools.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling takes the back and forth out of scheduling appointments. Send your buyers, sellers, or vendors a link - and they can can choose a time that fits within their schedule based on time slots you’ve already predetermined. No more going back and forth to confirm AVAILABILITY. this is a tremendous time saver!

Acuity syncs with your Google Calendar in real time. This comes in handy if you or your staff handle scheduling of appointments with buyers and sellers. You may not think it takes much time to schedule appointments, but 5-10 minutes here and there on a daily basis seriously impacts your productivity.

G Suite

G Suite marries your calendar with your email with cloud storage and additional cloud editing capabilities.

We use G Suite for just about everything that’s document-driven in our business. G Suite includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

It also includes Google Drive, which is the most valuable resource for me in this package. It’s the main tools my virtual assistants and I use to collaborate on documents in real time, remotely.

I could literally create an entire course on how you can use G Suite to make your real estate business more productive while working with a remote or local team. Trust me,  getting familiar with these tools and loading them on all your devices will drastically increase your productivity.


Insightly is a customer relationship manager (CRM) and a handy tool that can help you close at least one additional deal per month.

It seamlessly keeps all of our client information and deals organized and up to date. It's an amazing resource for organizing your buyer and seller leads, contacts, and vendors. 

It can be used to manage your deal flow as well as automate tasks and communication in your business – including tracking all of your email communication with your leads.

So you may be wondering – “how can Insightly help you close at least one additional deal a month?” 

The key with Insightly is you have a powerful tool to not only manage all the moving parts of each of your deals, but also to track all communication with your leads and effectively manage your follow up with those leads.

As you probably know, in real estate, the money is in the follow up.

Therefore, if you set up Insightly to track and automate the consistent follow up with your leads – it will ultimately lead to you closing additional deals each month.


Todoist can help you manage your entire staff (both local and virtual) for less than the cost of a steak dinner (currently it cost around $30/user – that’s not a monthly cost – THAT’S FOR A YEAR!).

This tool helps you maximize productivity by giving you the ability to see all tasks assigned, completed, updated, relevant notes, and shared files in a simple user-friendly interface.

It makes accountability a no-brainer, which is crucial when you have a lot of moving pieces in your business. It also helps you stay on the same page with your team by allowing you to check in on the software instead of the need to follow up with each team member individually.

With Todoist it’s easy to share files, discuss details, and allow everyone to stay informed of progress of each of your real estate deals. And, just like many of the other apps mentioned, all communication is synced across your desktop, browser, email app, and mobile app.


Viber is one of the game-changing tools that’s allowed me to be twice as productive and focus more on revenue generating tasks since it makes it very easy to communicate and delegate tasks to my virtual staff as well as seamlessly share files in real time.

I have a virtual team located in different parts of the globe. With Viber, we’re able to communicate worldwide using video and voice calling as well as text messaging in real time – AND IT’S FREE.

We also use the app to send files (i.e. contracts, purchase documents, etc), pictures (i.e. rehab pics for properties), videos (i.e. property walk-throughs), and we even use Viber like a walkie talkie if we’re not a position to text or call.

The nice thing is Viber syncs with your mobile, tablet and desktop so you have your messages and files across all your devices.

So, What's Next?

The next step is to evaluate your business needs.

If scheduling meetings and calls with buyers and sellers has been a time suck in your business – then try Acuity Scheduling.

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to collaborate on files with your staff or just a way to more easily organize all the documents in your business, then you must give G Suite a shot.

Let’s say your lead management and follow up is in shambles which ultimately affects your bottom line. Then Insightly is a no-brainer for you.

Keeping track of to-do lists, assigning tasks, accountability, and low cost are the awesome benefits of using a tool like Todoist.

And lastly, if you’re looking for a free, versatile tool to communicate with your staff via voice, message, or video as well as easily transfer files and pics, then you have to give Viber a go.

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